Anno 1800 Trainer

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Anno 1800 Trainer Download

downlaod trainer game

Name: Anno 1800 Trainer
Version: 1.6
Size of file: 89516 kb

To download our program, click the Download icon. Anno 1800 Trainer is packed in the archive to unpack it, we recommend the following Winrar, 7-zip programs. If you do not have these programs here, you have links to download: Winrar, 7-zip. After clicking the icon, the page will redirect you to the survey, after filling it you will be able to download our Anno 1800 Trainer program. Filling the survey will take a moment, you will not lose anything, and we can earn a few cents. Remember to activate Anno 1800 Trainer first, and then the game, go to our program after switching on the game and enable the start icon. When you hear a characteristic sound and see the word “activation”, it means that the program is running correctly.

Anno 1800 Trainer Program Download

User manual Anno 1800 Trainer

1F – Change Oil
2F – Change Cash
3F – Change Influence
4F – Change Timber
5F – Change Bricks
6F – Change Steel Beams
7F – Change Reinforced Concrete
8F – Perfect People Needs/Happiness
9F – Unlimited Resources
0F – Perfect Diplomacy
1 Num – Instant Ship Production
2 Num – Unlimited Ship Health
3 Num – Perfect Expedition Morale
4 Num – Change Windows
5 Num – Super Ship Speed
6 Num – Super Speed
7 Num – Edit Ship Inventory
8 Num – Edit Harbor

Anno 1800 Trainer Download (About Anno 1800)

Anno 1800 is a single player game in this genre: strategy, economics, modernity. The producer of the game is the company Blue Byte and the publisher of the game is Ubisoft. The game is available on a PC.

Anno 1800 is a game from the Anno series, a popular series of strategy games. In this installment, the action takes place in the industrial revolution.

In the game, you play the role of a ruler who has the task of creating a thriving metropolis. We need to lead people to work to get the raw materials needed for processing and creating new structures. The game has very complicated production chains, which allows us to creatively plan the city’s infrastructure. In Anno 1800 trade was introduced with other cities, which means that we can sell surplus production and shortages buy. In addition to trading, we can create alliances and organize wars. An important aspect is also taking care of residents’ satisfaction. If we achieve low satisfaction, our treasure will be empty. Satisfaction can be improved by reducing the tax or by providing the right goods.

In the game, we can play in three modes: campaign fabulary, campaign free, campaign multiplayer. Anno 1800 has a high quality graphic setting, each element has been designed with special attention to detail.


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