Pax Nova Trainer

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Pax Nova Trainer Download

Pax Nova Trainer Link Download - Pax Nova Trainer

Name: Pax Nova Trainer
Version: 1.7
Size Of File: 64MB

Trainer is a tool that gives access to codes that simplify the game and provide a new game experience. To download it, you need to click the icon above, the page after clicking will redirect you to the survey, and after its completion you will have access to our trainer. The survey is easy to complete, it won’t take you much time, thanks to these surveys we can give you programs for free, because we use them to earn on programs.

Our Trainer is packed in an archive, prepare a program that will allow you to unpack it, we recommend programs such as Win-rar, 7-zip. Download links can be found here: Win-rar, 7-zip.

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Features of Pax Nova Trainer & About Pax Nova

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Features Pax Nova Trainer

F1 Add Credits
F2 Add Aether
F3 Add influence
F4 Unlimited traffic
F5 Immortality
F6 Compilation in one turn
F7 One Turn Research
F8 Delete Fog of War

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About Pax Nova

Pax Nova Trainer is a 4X space turn-based strategy developed by Gray Wolf Entertainment. Pax Nova takes us on a journey into the distant future. As a result of progressive pollution and constant wars, the Earth is less and less viable. In search of a new home, humanity decides to respond to the invitation from the outskirts of the universe and go to the planet Eos, thereby entering a new era called Pax Nova. While playing at Pax Nova, we take control of one of the fifteen factions functioning among the three races.

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