Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer

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Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer Download

downlaod trainer game

Name: Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer
Version: 1.6
Size Of File: 76512 KB

Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer is a program for people who want to facilitate game in game Total War Three Kingdoms. Program will diversify game and increase experience from it. Our program will allow you to use, among others from such functions as: infinite army movement, unlimited money (detailed description of the functions of our trainer is below). Trainer works in the form of a small application with a capacity of 0.7 MB. Program works on similar principles as codes, with the difference that the game modification is called by an external application. The software is harmless, it has been scanned for viruses and adware, so antivirus and windows will not block our program. Remember not to use our Trainer in multiplayer, this may result in blocking your account !!! The program supports Steam.

To download our program, click the download icon. The program is packed into the archive to unpack it, use tools like winrar, 7-zip. If you do not have these programs, you have a download link: Winrar, 7-zip. After clicking the “Download” icon, the page will redirect you to the survey, after filling it you will be able to download our trainer program. Filling in the questionnaire will take you little time, you will not lose anything, and we can earn a few cents. After downloading our trainer remember to first run our program and then the game. Go to our program after switching on game and click the “start” icon. When you hear a distinctive sound and see the word “activation”, it means that program has been started correctly.

User manual Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer

Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer Download For Trainer Game Free

F1 – Easy Unlock Yellow Turban Reforms
F2 – Instant Complete Yellow Turban Reforms
F3 – Unlimited Battle Ammo
F4 – Unlimited Credibility/Population/Reservers/Food
F5 – Unlimited Unit Movement
F6 – Set Traits Value
f7 – One Turn Building Construction
F8 – Easy Build Buildings
F9 – Set Public Order
F0 – Set Military Supplies
Num1 – One Turn Reforms
Num2 – Repopulate and Fill Armies
Num3 – Instant Reset Battle Skill Cooldowns
Num4 – Set High Morale
Num5 – Set No Morale
Num6 – Invincible Army in Battle
Num7 – Game Speed
Num8 – Easy Negotiations
Num9 – Character Loyalty/Satisfaction
Ctrl+Num1 – Freeze Date/Extend Lives
Ctrl+Num2 – Edit Current Treasury
Ctrl+Num3 – Edit Current Skill Points
Ctrl+Num4 – Edit Current Rank
Ctrl+Num5 – Edit Current XP

Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer (About Total War Three Kingdoms)

Total War Three Kingdoms is a single player game in this genre: Strategy, Fantasy, Economic. The creators the game is Creative Assembly companies responsible for other titles of the Total War series, the game’s publisher is Sega. Game is available on a Windows computer and is available on the Steam platform.

Game like previous parts of the Total War series, is a strategy game that combines turn-based gameplay with real-time gameplay. In real time, we control the armies during the battle, and in turn-based mode: we move the armies, we build the country. In this part of the series, Creative Assembly takes us to China during the war of the three kingdoms.

In game we can play alone or with other players. The basis of the game is an extensive story campaign, which can also be played in cooperation with another person. There is also the option of rolling single battles – both with a human opponent and with a computer.


Older versions of Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer

  • Version 1.4 Download – Link
  • Version 1.2 Download – Link
  • Version 1.0 Download – Link
  • Version 0.8(Demo) Download – Link

If you have any problem or questions, write here Contact. We also recommend our other programs, such as: Anno 1800 Trainer,, Resident Evil 2 Trainer, Mortal Kombat 11 Trainer.


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